Here is a repository with some pdf files for references from Edition 1 of the book (2008).


Key papers on model development and validation at STRATOS TG6 site

pdf files of more or less classic papers

Modeling strategies


Modeling strategy MDM 2001

Steyerberg Stat Med 2000 sel+estimate small data sets.pdf

Modeling small samples SiM 2000

Steyerberg ABCD guidance EHJ 2014.pdf

Development 7 steps +
validation ABCD EHJ 2014

Validation and performance assessment

Steyerberg Performance measures Epidemiology Jan 2010.pdf

Performance assessment Epidemiology 2010


Internal validation JCE 2001

Van Calster BMCMed 2019 calibration.pdf

Calibration Achilles heel
Van Calster 2019

Validation and updating strategies


Updating & sample size SiM 2004

Heterogeneity Stat Med 2019.pdf

Heterogeneity in MA SiM 2019

Prognostic research as a scientific field


PROGRESS paper #3: prognostic model research PMed 2013

Steyerberg poor performance JCE 2018.pdf

Recipe for poor performance
JCE 2018

Other issues

Debray Framework interpretation JCE 2015.pdf

Framework validation
Debray JCE 2015

Personalized evidence HTE Kent BMJ 2018.pdf

Personalized treatment effects
Kent BMJ 2018

TRIPOD E and E AnnIntMed 2015.pdf

TRIPOD reporting guideline 2015