Code with papers

Comparison of modeling strategies

We compared various modeling strategies for logistic regression models in a paper in Stat Med 2000 and Medical Decision Making 2001.

Here are samples from GUSTO-I with code (S-plus).

Steyerberg Stat Med 2000 sel+estimate small data sets.pdf

Validation and Updating

In a Stat Med paper (2004) we proposed an updating procedure towards recalibrated values for a previously developed model, including shrinkage to avoid overoptimistic predictions. This idea builds on previous work by Hans van Houwelingen, see e.g. his Stat Med 2000 paper. Simulations were done with S-plus code.

Steyerberg ABCD guidance EHJ 2014.pdf

7 steps for development and
ABCD for validation

The R code to do the analyses is here, with the data.

Steyerberg Performance measures Epidemiology Jan 2010.pdf
Geloven Validation of prediction models with competing risks BMJ2022.pdf

Performance assessment: traditional and novel measures

Here is the R code with the data for the often cited paper on quality assessment in the prediction of binary outcomes. The function is here and in a package by Bavo de Cock.

At GitHub we have functions for performance assessment in survival and competing risk analysis.